Nucell Garcinia Cambogia is an all natural derived 60% HCA, 1,600mg Daily. Contains Pure Natural Garcinia Cambogia Extract. 

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 100% Pure Garcinia Cambogia with 60% HCA 1,600mg daily.

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Burn Off Excess Weight - Build A Tighter Bod - Boost Your Metabolism - Purify Your System - You Will Feel Younger, More Energetic And Powerful - Lose about 4lb-8lb+ per month without any Diet or Exercise - Moderate Exercises can increase the results by 200-300%

By using the same purity, potency, and dosage of Nucell  Garcinia Cambogia that was used in the clinical trials, you can be certain you are receiving the highest quality natural ingredients available on the market today. 1,600mg daily with 60% HCA.

Receive twice the number of milligrams per day (1600mg) and value per bottle than most leading brands offer, and enjoy the same unparalleled Nucell Cambogia Customer Service you have come to expect, giving you the support you need to lose weight safely.


Nucell's commitment to the highest standards of product quality and efficacy are evident throughout our entire product development process.


Our facilities meet strict GMP manufacturing standards and are regularly inspected by FDA officials to maintain our certifications. Made in the USA.

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